Intelligente Lagervisualisierung

Warehouse optimisation with intelligent software

Efficient warehousing with visualisation and AI

MOVEX | Stock Optimizer: analyse – predict – visualise

Key users in the warehouse face various challenges: there is a lot of pressure to be efficient, throughput and pick times must be as short as possible, capacity utilisation should be high, and the detection of slow-moving items should be ensured. MOVEX | Stock Optimizer improves the flow of goods and ensures better planning reliability with AI forecasts..

Process analyses, forecasts, anomaly detection

Among other things, MOVEX | Stock Optimizer offers AI-based goods receipt and issue forecasting and identifies weaknesses in warehouse utilisation, inventory management and the design of picking routes. By analysing large amounts of data in real time, the software also uncovers anomalies in the area of storage and stock movement. MOVEX | Stock Optimizer enables you to react quickly at the operational level and to save warehouse operation costs thanks to recommended actions for warehouse optimisation.

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Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Warehouse utilisation
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Stock turn rate
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Areas & occupancy
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Storage strategiesn
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Material flow
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Process analysis
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Logistics planning

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Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Individual reports
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Long-term statistics
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Time comparison
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Real-time data
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   ABC analyses

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Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Warehouse grid
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Time comparison
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Timelines with history
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Storage bin info

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Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Anomaly detection
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Process forecasts
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Integration ext. data
Benefits MOVEX Stock Optimizer   Graphical representation

Advantages of stock optimisation with MOVEX | Stock Optimizer

+ Independent instance

+ Flexible integration

+ Low system load

+ Real-time analysis and visualisation

+ More precise planning thanks to forecasts

+ Cost savings in warehouse operation

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Warehouse analysis

Inventories and stock movements
The real-time analysis and statistics integrated in MOVEX | Stock Optimizer make it possible to detect anomalies in the storage and movement of stocks and to react quickly with operational measures. The software checks storage and retrieval strategies as well as their impact, identifies deviations in the material flow and analyses storage areas and goods storage strategies. In doing so, a comparison with historical data is always possible.

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Evaluation of warehouse performance

Individual stock evaluations
In MOVEX | Stock Optimizer, reports can be created individually. You can access long-term statistics or ABC analyses by having all relevant data available. In addition, reports, graphs and warehouse visualisations are available as exports (standard formats). The software provides dynamic legends and filter options as well as detailed mapping of the customer’s specific warehouse structure.

Results in real-time
All results are displayed in near real-time, plus filters and aspects can be configured individually depending on the warehouse.

Historical storage bin analyses
You can compare inventories at two arbitrary points in time (difference mode) as well as via a graph and can also export stock visualisations (standard formats). The software provides dynamic legends and filter options as well as detailed images of the customer’s specific warehouse structure.

Best/worst seller analyses
MOVEX | Stock Optimizer allows you to perform detailed analyses by drilling down individual best/worst seller items and visualise their distribution within the warehouse. This enables early reaction with operational measures, for example in the area of relocation or retrieval strategies.

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Warehouse visualisation

Your warehouse from all angles
Whether you require a side view of individual racks or an overall view from above – MOVEX | Stock Optimizer offers the right visualisation depending on requirements, warehouse size and isometric data. The visual detection of inventory anomalies allow you to react at an early stage and efficiently control warehouse utilisation. Key functions include a zoom function within the views, a view change between floors/aisles, quantity-dependent colouring, overall statistics (history and trend directly adapted to the selected filters), a storage location tool tip and an export function.

Views of the warehouse grid
Individual views provided by a zoom function give you an overview. The intensity of the colouring per storage bin linearly corresponds to the quantity stored. The colours are freely selectable, and you can also switch flexibly between floors or levels.

Over-, top- and isometric-view
The overview gives you a warehouse overview of all warehouse areas with granularity (aisle), the top-view gives you an overhead view of all floors with granularity (storage bin), while the isometric-view gives you an isometric view of a floor with a storage location tool tip.

History viewing
A dynamic timeline allows you to view a point in time of your choice (history up to one year).

Detailed storage bin information
In the detail view, you will find all relevant information about the storage bin, from which you can select the display information individually.

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AI and anomaly detection

AI modules
AI modules enable you to monitor warehouse operations, alert you to deviations and warehouse optimisations at an early stage and provide forecasts for warehouse capacity and staff planning. For example, the AI forecasts the number of picking operations each day for the next ten days and displays them graphically.

Automated and preventive anomaly detection
Based on the prediction engine, anomaly detection is performed with adjustable thresholds for event triggering (notification by e-mail, etc.). Predictions, the real values and the resulting deviations are displayed graphically in MOVEX | Stock Optimizer. Examples of this are outgoing goods (OG forecast) and non-stock returns (NSR forecast).

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